As a small business owner, Katie Danner values and appreciates each and every one of her clients for supporting her dream and allowing her to make a living doing what she truly loves. Katie understands what a rare gift and opportunity that is, and the fulfillment she finds in executing these custom home drawings is matched only by the joy they bring to the recipients.

Thank you for letting me and my art be a part of your world.


Bob Washburn

Bob Washburn Real Estate

“Giving a gift that sparks an emotional cord with clients is what makes my job so satisfying.  I decided early on to have Katie Danner do these custom hand drawings for both my Buyers and Sellers.  It has turned out to be one of the best things I have done.  Clients have an overwhelming appreciation and gratitude for such a genuine gesture.  These drawings give them something to remember for years to come, but also makes them remember me as their trusted advisor."

"My business is a relationship business and this is the ideal gift for them to remember how much I care for them.  I would strongly encourage any agent to consider this as a means to constantly promote the value you bring to your clients.”

gail dicus home drawing rendering architectural illustration real estate kansas city

Gail Dicus

The Gail G Dicus Realtor Group

"Katie Danner is a talented architectural illustrator and offers wonderful artwork that is worthy for your consideration.     Her custom home drawings are brilliant  for any buyer and seller."

"My clients are very moved when I present these to them and everyone  has continued to mention the drawings of their homes as one of their favorite  gifts they have ever received. I am particular pleased when I stop by to see  my clients and I see Katie's picture hanging in their homes. Katie provided a memories that the families will cherish forever."

"Katie Danner is a very special and talented person and artist."

Cockayne home drawing rendering architectural illustration real estate kansas city

Gloria Wolfe & Family

Overland Park, KS

"What a great gift! My siblings and I have always had a hard time finding unique gifts to give to our mother. Last year, we commissioned Katie to draw the six homes that our family has lived in through the years. Our mother loved this gift and it was wonderful seeing all of the grandchildren look at all the homes that their parents grew up in. Katie did an amazing job capturing all the details of our family homes and it has been the best gift we have given. Our mother truly cherishes them and I recommend this gift for loved ones. Thanks Katie!!!"

mardikes home drawing rendering architectural illustration real estate kansas city

Anne beckett 

Mission Hills, KS

"We love the rendering of our home. It's fabulous and its placed with honor in our dining room. We will cherish it always." 

chad artwork home drawing rendering architectural illustration real estate kansas city

Julie Davidson 

Galesburg, Illinois

"If you are looking for a unique gift that is sure to be cherished, don't hesitate to order a Katie Danner drawing. Katie's skill and attention to detail are unparalleled. Katie's drawing moved my father-in-law to tears.  He and my mother-in-law pored over each detail and have the drawing of their beloved home proudly displayed in a spot where they both see it throughout the day. Katie's drawings are an unbeatable combination of craftsmanship and value; not to mention, Katie is extremely communicative and has quick turn-around times! I look forward to ordering from Katie for many years to come.

Cockayne home drawing rendering architectural illustration real estate kansas city

Perry cockayne 

Keller Williams Key Partners llc

"Our clients were extremely pleased with our gift of their beloved home where they had lived for some 28 years and where they raised their two sons!  They actually didn't really want to leave this home, so this beautiful and meaningful drawing of their home was a tremendously appreciated gift to them!  Katie was a real pleasure to work with on this project, and our gift was a fantastic "hit".........we plan to use Katie's home drawings for many more of our sellers!!!"